At Charlottetown Blvd Childcare centre we offer quality childcare programs for children aged 18 months to 5 years of age, as well as programming for school aged children 6 to 12 years old.  Our programs run 5 days a week.  CBCC staff meets regularly to develop and enhance our philosophy and program goals.

  • We follow the Early Learning for Every Child Today (Elect) programming
  • We provide Play based learning Centres: Dramatic/ Sensory/Science Discovery/ Fine Motor/Reading
  • We provide fun, safe and happy learning environment
  • We give children an opportunity to gain independence and self confidence to be able to make decisions and problem solve for themselves
  • We promote each child’s individual Physical, Emotional, Social and intellectual learning




This program is designed to provide opportunities for growth and development in a stimulating environment.

Preschool & Kinderschool

This program is designed to provide opportunities for learning and play in an educational and fun environment.


This program is unique in that it offers ‘clubs’ (i.e. swimming, sports, cooking, sign language and crafts) which provide opportunities for the children to learn specific skills and/or develop leisure skills.

School Breaks

During the March break, Christmas break and P.A. Days, our Centre offers special events and programming to ensure that the children are having fun. Crafts, sports, special projects and trips are some of the highlights.

Summer Camps

This program has been designed to provide a ‘summer camp’ environment, highlighted by special themes, trips and specialty camps.

 We go beyond…………

CBCC has built a reputation by offering high quality programming and professional staffing. The Centre strives to exceed its mandate beyond its hours of operation by becoming s “Family Community Resource Centre”, offering:

  •  Care for children with special needs
  • Single parent support group
  • Parenting skills
  • Sign language
  • Children’s Health & Development Assessments