About Us/ Our Philosophy

Charlottetown Blvd. Childcare centre aims to provide for Toddler & Preschool children a program that develops the whole child, i.e. emotionally, socially, intellectually, creatively, and physically. Our mandate is to provide a stimulating play environment where, with support and guidance, learning is an enjoyable rewarding learning experience.

The children are treated with respect, in an atmosphere where he or she can develop his or her own potential and positive self-image at an individual pace in a warm, friendly, loving and secure environment.

For the Schoolage children, we aim to provide an ideal setting for children to develop to their full potential. Careful consideration is given to the fostering of self-awareness, self-worth, confidence building, trust, responsibility, social acceptance and values of development.

Schoolage children need activities that are stimulating and enable them to learn, explore, make new friends and have fun in an out of school environment.

We are sensitive to all cultural differences and ensure that our services reflect the needs of culturally diverse groups.

Our Approach to Learning

CBCC’s approach to learning is based on the Cognitive Development theory that states;

“The child’s development is the result of interaction between genetic and environmental factors. Children are viewed as intrinsically active, constructing knowledge of the world through interactions with the environment and others”

If children are active participants in their learning and “construct” knowledge, then it is our responsibility to provide challenges and experiences that fosters their discovery. To that end, CBCC will provide an environment that is rich in developmentally appropriate activities, materials and equipment which projects heterogeneous racial, sexual and age attributes.