Board of Directors



Message from the Board of Directors

Charlottetown Boulevard Childcare Centre (“CBCC”) is a not for profit childcare centre operating out of 111 Island Rd., with certain programs also operated at the Port Union Community Centre (5450 Lawrence Ave E). The centre has approximately 175 children in programs that range from toddler to school-aged. Day to day operations at CBCC are managed by an experienced and capable management team. As a not for profit registered charitable organization, CBCC also has a volunteer Board of Directors (the “Board”), currently made up of CBCC parents, that is responsible for governing the centre with leadership, strategic direction and planning.

Role of the Board:
– The Board has a number of committees such as communications, finance, fundraising, human resources, and strategic planning
– On a monthly basis the Board meets to discuss committee reports, to hear from Management about day to day happenings at CBCC, and to vote on matters that directly impact CBCC
– On a quarterly basis, the Board and Management prepare newsletters to parents providing updates on CBCC matters
– On an as needed basis the Board provides updates to families to communicate any current issues. (via physical letter or e-mail updates to those who subscribe)
– On an annual basis, the CBCC has its Annual General Meeting (the “AGM”) held in early November. Parents and staff are encouraged to attend the AGM in order to learn more about results and plans for CBCC, with specific topics being:
o Financial results of the Centre
o Key initiatives and accomplishments achieved during the year
o Strategic Plans for the years ahead
o Recognizing the Staff and Management for their efforts
o Approving any changes to the CBCC’s by-laws; and
o Electing new Board members


Makeup of the Board:
The Board is currently made up of parents from CBCC. Parents who join the Board typically do so for one to three years. The Board may also consider a community member Board seat, reserved for a Board member who does not have children at CBCC but who does have relevant expertise. Board members are elected at the AGM, or in some cases can be added at a regular Board meeting. The Board always welcomes parents with an interest in the welfare of CBCC.

The Charlottetown Boulevard Childcare Centre Board of Directors