School age

We understand that school-aged children still thrive through play-based learning. That’s why our school-age program (before- and after-school) not only provides a great balance of physical, creative, and social development, but is based on observations and conversations with the children.

In addition, our school-age curriculum is based on current educational theories—most notably Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years (“How Does Learning Happen?”)—as well as established best practices focusing on each child’s interests and needs.

At the end of a school day, the children tend to want to be engaged with their peers through board games, gym activities, and creative projects. Our educators help the children who want to work on homework if they need assistance, and take the time to develop bonding relationships with all the children.

The School Age program is temporarily suspended due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. We look forward to reopening soon. Please call the Centre to inquire more about this program and the reopening plans.