Lunch menu

Our catered lunches are provided by Yummy Catering, an award-winning children’s catering company that focuses on healthy, nutritious, multicultural, home-style meals that children enjoy. As a result, CBCC parents can expect:

  • Meals made from scratch using recipes perfected over the course of 30+ years
  • Menus that use organic products when possible, including some organic meats
  • Wholewheat and multigrain breads, pasta, and brown rice
  • Preferences for local ingredients and seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • Menus that change on a four-week rotational basis
  • Multicultural dishes from all over the world
  • Themed catering days celebrating holidays and special occasions
  • Meals and snacks that are low in sodium and sugar

CBCC is also a nut-free facility. We have multiple policies and practices in place to accommodate many children with varying allergies.